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This place that has been created by the love and excitement we get every time we consume the beast that is anime. Once I decided that it is crazy to not try and support one of the things in this world that I love. I went ahead and thought about different ideas on what I could do to spread what i call “love,” but really I am talking about the figurines that you see here. I thought about what it would take to start my shop and did lots of research on what I could do within my budget to bring these high quality figures to you. My goal has been this year is to continue bringing you great products but really share what it means to me, dedicating myself to growing as a leader and creating a community where all of you can share your ideas and love about and for anime.

Our Stories

Deion Chambers

Co-Founder of Animeikunow

At the beginning of my freshman year in high school, I recently got a Netflix account and starting browsing the different genres. I noticed that as I was nonchalantly looking through the animated tv shows, that I was really interested in this show named Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. At first glance the cover of the show catches your eye. The reason is because it is mostly red background with yellow letters, making it stand out. I continued to click on the first episode and watch it. Right away is the theme song, playing an upbeat tempo with lots of drums and guitar elements in it. Kenichi, the main character is going through a comical series of rigorous training methods with these different martial arts masters. After about a minute of watching the intro I decide to skip to the beginning of the episode and watch it. I figured out that Kenichi was being bullied and seeking a way to defend himself and become stronger at the same time. Now I want you to keep in mind this is not the first anime I have seen. As a child I was able to periodically see Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z on TV. I enjoyed watching it when I could but with going to school and having after school activities I was never able to really keep up with it. Thus when I started watching Kenichi it felt like I was not watching a kids show but something that I could relate to. Taking the time to actually work hard and achieve something that would make you stronger appealed to me. The show had just the right amount of comedy and action scenes. The story it told felt like anyone could achieve strength like Kenichi. The show truly inspired me, it was amazing to me that it felt like reality and Kenichi blended together. Leading me to watching just about any subbed anime series I could find on Netflix at the time. Presently I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this small college town with not to much to do in the city. Spending my free time working on this business, making sure I am subscribed to Crunchyroll and working part time at a cellular retail store. My goal is to continue to expand my catalog of figurines so everyone can enjoy there favorite characters and continue to spread the love that is anime by making sure you guys get the best products. If you love anime the way I do, help share and support by browsing hundreds of characters, making sure to keep an eye out so you can get the best deals.

             -Deion Chambers

Ryan Dvorak

Co-Founder of animeikunow

Without Anime, I don’t think I would be even remotely the person I am today. Growing up I was like any other boy from the 90’s, I played my N64, watched Pokémon and Digimon, even played the occasional sport. As I got older, I stopped playing sports but my love of animated TV and video games never disappeared. My first exposure to what many people consider to be real Anime was on Toonami late at night, I remember seeing this super stretchy pirate with a straw hat. It was so exciting to watch him battle Fishmen and circus freaks. One piece really made me fall in love with this genre. I’ve seen every episode almost four times which is a lot for a series that has been going on since 1997. I hastily await the new manga chapter every week to learn more about the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates, especially Franky (SUUUPPPPEEEERRRR!!!!). I’m sure I share a similar tale with everyone when I say it was a slippery slope after that, watching popular shows like Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, and even the harem Clannad. Now I subscribe to Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix just to get my fill every season. I was always considered a geek growing up, frail and too smart for my own good. I used to hide my obsession with Anime, now I sport it loud and proud. I’ve learned there are so many people out there who have a very similar passion but are afraid to voice how they feel. My hope is that with this store everyone can take a small step towards showing their true Otaku side, you’ll always have mine and Deion’s support. Thank you.

                                                                   — — — — Ryan Dvorak